Meet Mark Rocca

Chiropractor, Clinical Educator, High-Performance Consultant

Dr. Mark Rocca is a chiropractor, clinical educator, and high-performance consultant with a strong emphasis on patient-centred care and functional restoration.

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Dr. Rocca teaches a variety of workshops and seminars. These events range from small workshops for local sports clubs and teams, to full-weekend continuing education seminars for healthcare and fitness professionals. Click below for upcoming events, or contact to enquire about setting one up in your area.



Dr. Rocca works with a wide range of patients, helping everyone from general population to world class athletes. With a strong emphasis on patient-focused care, every patient receives a comprehensive assessment aimed at uncovering the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, and is armed with the tools to effectively address them.

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Whether your goals are to become faster, stronger, or less injury-prone, every athlete will be assessed individually to determine their specific needs. Performance limiters will then be paired with goals to develop a training plan that is safe, effective, and 100% unique to each individual athlete.

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