Meet Mark Rocca

Chiropractor, Performance Coach, Clinical Educator

Dr. Mark Rocca is a chiropractor and performance coach with a strong emphasis on patient- centred care and functional restoration.

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Whether your goals are to become faster, stronger, and more powerful...or to move better, become more resilient, and less injury-prone...every athlete will be assessed individually to determine their specific needs...performance limiters will then be paired with goals to develop a training program that is safe, effective, and 100% unique to each individual athlete...

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Dr. Mark has been in clinical practice since 2011, and works with wide range of patients...from paediatric developmental assessments, to increasing geriatric independence...and every demographic in-between...with a strong emphasis on patient-focused care...every patient will receive a comprehensive assessment aimed at uncovering the root cause of their pain, then be provided with the tools necessary to take control of their symptoms and return themselves to a higher quality if life...



Throughout the year, Dr. Mark offers a variety of workshops, in-services, and seminars...ranging from small workshops on sports nutrition and injury prevention for local sports clubs and teams, to full weekend continuing education seminars for physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, athletic therapists, kinesiologists, strength coaches, personal trainers, etc...see below for current listings, or contact to set one up for your own clinic, team, or club...



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